Crafting from the Heart: A Legacy of Creativity

Crafting from the Heart: A Legacy of Creativity

In every family, there's that one person whose creativity shines like a beacon of inspiration. For me, that person was my sweet mother, Laura. Her passion for creating beautiful things left an indelible mark on my soul. Today, I'd like to share her story and the incredible legacy of creativity she passed down to me.

The Crafting Haven: Mom's crafting room was nothing short of enchanting. It was a place where colors, textures, and ideas danced together in perfect harmony. From ribbons to fabrics, beads to buttons, and everything in between, her crafting supplies were an endless treasure trove of possibilities.

The Wreath Whisperer: One of mom's specialties was crafting wreaths. She had a knack for combining elements from nature, like flowers and branches, with decorative ornaments to create wreaths that radiated warmth and welcome. Her wreaths were not just decorations; they were tokens of love and thoughtfulness.

The Endless Ideas: My mother's mind was a wellspring of creativity. She had a seemingly endless supply of crafting ideas, and she would spend hours collecting supplies and crafting new designs. Her enthusiasm was contagious, and she encouraged everyone around her to embrace their inner artist.

I Miss My Mom: The other day as I was struggling to learn how to use my new fancy industrial leather sewing machine, I thought of my mom and her small little $75 sewing machine.  I couldn't help but think how much fun she would have had on this machine and how much she could have taught me about sewing. She passed on before Missy and I began our leather crafting.  I think she would be very proud of our craft. It makes me a little sad that I never got to share this with her. Just the other day, my sister told me that the smell of leather was one of mom's favorite scents.   

The Joy of Giving: One of the most beautiful aspects of her crafting journey was her generosity. She didn't craft for profit; she crafted to spread joy. She'd surprise friends, family, and even strangers with her handmade creations, and the smiles on their faces were her greatest reward.

Carrying the Torch: Today, I proudly carry forward the torch of creativity that mom ignited in me. Her crafting room may be silent now, but her spirit lives on in my leather shop with every new leather piece I design, cut and sew.  

I invite you to join me in celebrating the legacy of creativity my mother left behind. Whether you're an experienced crafter or just dipping your toes into the world of DIY, there's beauty in every creative endeavor. Let's keep the creative flame burning, one craft at a time. Whether it's wreaths, leather goods, or any other form of artistry, remember that the act of creation is a beautiful way to honor those we love and the passions they've passed down to us.

Thank you, Mom, for your boundless creativity and for sharing the joy of crafting with me. Your legacy lives on in the art we create and the love we share with the world.


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Beautiful words about your sweet Mom and my loving aunt. Miss her so much. She would be so proud of y’all! She is giving creative ideas from above ❤️


Brad, as I read this I am reminded of the hours spent around Laura’s dining room table, when we had small group together. Laura would share her latest work of art, and get us involved in crafting with her. What fun we had. I have the imagination of a block of wood, but Laura kept encouraging me, and at times almost made me believe I had talent. 🥴. I truly loved your mom so much. We spent time on the phone sharing prayer requests and praying for our kids and grandkids. Laura didn’t just say she would pray, she prayed believing we were going to see God work. I can’t pass her house without remembering my sweet faithful friend, and yes, along with those memories were many crafts. Laura wasted nothing, she had an idea for everything. Thank you for posting this precious memory.

Marcia Womack

Brad, what a beautiful article you wrote about your mom! Each word radiated her beautiful heart, her creativity, and the love she had for others! You and your sweet wife will continue her legacy of creativity, love for others, and creating from the heart!! May Our Heavenly Father bless y’all!!

Paula Talbot

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