Born in the Dirty Thirties in Western Kansas to wheat farmers, Gene knows all about adversity and hard work. In fact, his whole life has been spent getting his hands dirty and working hard. He has been a farmer and rancher his entire life and has found great satisfaction in working with his hands. Need something fixed? Ask Gene. His analytical mind combined with lots of life experience and his willingness to help, makes him the perfect person to turn to when something breaks. I’m convinced that if Gene can’t fix it, nobody can! 

Gene has a calm, quiet, gentle way about him. He is a man of few words but exudes strength and stability.  Solid, dependable, honest…salt of the earth. Although he will be 90 years old soon, he still goes to work on the farm almost every single day.    

Growing up riding horses, rounding up cattle, and riding in trail rides, Gene is a true cowboy. He loves all things western and wears a cowboy hat and cowboy boots daily.  Having worn many “hats” in his lifetime–the one that made the biggest impact in this world is his role as a father to six daughters and one son. I am blessed to be one of his daughters. 


For Father's Day this year, I made my dad a leather notebook cover. Using our laser engraver, I personalized this notebook cover with his name and an image of a cowboy on a horse. He loved it! I would have to be blind not to see how his life has shaped mine, and I am incredibly honored to have him as my dad!




The Trailblazer is our leather notebook padfolio and holds a 5” x 8” notebook.  Email us at for personalization options.  Enter code: GENE to save 20% off our Trailblazer leather notebook padfolio!

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