Patina is a natural phenomenon that occurs in fine leather, including handmade wallets made from vegetable-tanned leather. It is a beautiful and unique characteristic that develops over time and with use.

Vegetable-tanned leather is known for its ability to develop a beautiful patina over time. This is because the leather is tanned using natural materials, such as tree bark, which results in a more organic, natural finish. As the leather ages, it will develop a rich, warm color and unique markings, which are a result of the leather absorbing oils and developing a natural sheen.

Regardless of the type of leather, a patina is a natural sign of wear and use, and adds character to the product. It is often considered a desirable trait in leather accessories, as it indicates that the product has been well-loved and cared for over time. It is also a sign of the quality of the leather, as long-lasting leather products tend to develop the most beautiful and unique patinas.

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